Due to COVID-19 we are unable to host our May event as planned.

Of course, we are hopeful to reschedule for fall, but will not be announcing a date until we can be more certain of our ability to move forward with the event. 

Annual event or not --- White Rock Que continues to support DARCC and donations to WRQ will support the agency in these uncertain times.

Thank you for your continued support! Stay healthy!



Local pitmasters compete to find out who has the best brisket and pork according to...you! All attendees will determine the People's Choice Champion and a panel of select partners participate in blind judging to determine a winner in brisket, ribs and pork! All you can eat BBQ is included in your admission.

White Rock Que is hosted annually at the award winning Oak Highlands Brewery.  

All Good, Freaky Deaky, Derelict, Guava Good, DFDub, Gold Mustache are just some of the amazing beers on tap. OHB has a beer for everyone that goes great with our brisket and ribs!



Live music, friends, BBQ and beer, ....need we say more? Partners from throughout the community come together to set the stage for a fun night of fellowship. 

All proceeds go to Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center. DARCC is an organization providing compassionate support to individuals impacted by sexual violence. If you would like to know more, please visit their website.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the food served at White Rock Que meets any special dietary or allergy restrictions.

Cross contamination of nuts, gluten and other ingredients can occur given our small preparation areas. 

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